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Hidden Benefits Of KIAX CCTV Camera Installation For Businesses

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Hidden Benefits Of KIAX CCTV Camera Installation For Businesses

Home security has always been a serious topic among people. The urge for it is to protect privacy and valuables if the owner is present or not. Traditionally, watchdogs and human guards were hired, but the method didn’t remain reliable after colonization. Later in 1969, a complete TV surveillance system was introduced to alert the owners of any uninvited entry in real-time. It both had audio and video receptors to hear intruders talking and see their appearances. This CCTV Camera Installation for Businesses quickly became popular then and even now both law enforcement authorities and property owners rely on this.

With high-definition cameras, motion sensors, and damage detectors, the modern-day home security system is a genuine relief. The importance of this security feature in the UK is the sole reason for having around 5.8 million closed-circuit television cameras. Along with these digital eyes, Intruder Alarm Installation for Home and Businesses in Cardiff is a very favorable ad-on. The system takes analog readings and once triggered, sends signals to activate the alarm. As professional burglars have skills and knowledge to bypass camera footage or to completely make them worthless, such pressure and damage sensors will still keep your property safe.

There’s a great market for security, providing the most sophisticated security and surveillance system for banks, finance offices, restaurants, hotels, superstores, luxury villas, as well as small level commercial and residential properties. To meet the need, Kiax security provides a complete range of smart HD CCTV Systems and Burglar Alarm Services for Home and Businesses in Cardiff. Both security systems come with wired and wireless installation options. furthermore, you can also get a solar-powered security system with independent batteries for places where there’s no electrical supply. We have electrical engineers to install and upgrade systems to ensure that the circuiting remains functional, even if some elements of the system receive damage.

Along with the security features, we also provide keyless garage and gate automation systems. It allows users to get direct authorization for locking, unlocking, and operation through their phones. The app not only lets you monitor and control locks, but it also allows you to have live feedback of cameras and microphones form your property. It also provides the status of the devices attached to the security system. The CCTV Camera Installation for Businesses includes live feedback on a single monitor displaying all the videos to monitor with ease. Just press the camera number and I’ll be previewed as full screen.

Despite installation and maintenance, the after-sales services are also fast and efficient, with warranties up to 3 years on equipment and wiring. We have three types of service subscription, naming Platinum, Gold, and Silver. All these come with complimentary firmware updates and remote user access. However, the golden customers enjoy corrective maintenance, whereas the platinum users enjoy additional planned preventative Maintenance as well. It includes 24-hr call outs, cleaning security equipment and adjusting camera lens to cover everything in its field of view. Silver customers can also acquire the services but with cash expenses.

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